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So Where Is Everything?
So Where Is Everything? Again? (5th time)

Well, unlike 14 years ago when thieving hackers destroyed the board - I did most of it myself this time!
Actually, this board only exists for me to play with all alone, messing with the PHP code and so on.
I jacked up the board again and my provider messed up the SQL database so bad log-in's stopped working.
Had to find something other the PHPBB, since even the newest version fails to work.
So I'll just start all over again. Every single file is backed up and available for my use.

I had over 14,000 files on-line with all the indexer's (goober, microslush, yahoodler and others) listing them.
It may take years to get them all up again! One thing I learned not too long ago in a phpBB forum was how
to post a .jpg with the video as an example. I'm now going to do that with all videos and that takes time to
play the video in VLC, capture a frame, edit it in AltPicView then resize it to 50%, then upload it! Many of
the videos are being 'redone' with "VSDC Video Editor Free Edition v" or "Any Video Converter"
v 3.2.3 and some are being edited with Avidemux 2.5. Why the old software? Because I refuse to give
up my Windows XPsp3! (and I can't afford a new PC).

It really is possible to contact me via email, but I don't check it much/often
See my domain name up there? Leave off the .net and that's the account, then use that "at" sign followed 
by the domain name, this time with the .net
Phone is not really monitored any more, but it's possible. Main Area Code for Columbus, Ohio that starts 
with "6", then "Fix" followed by a pair of "6's" and then 17.
That should keep bots and morons from contacting!

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